Finley's Barkery

I sat down with the wonderful folks at Finley's Barkery, and it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Co-owners, Angie and Kyle, are the nicest people you'll ever meet. I was familiar with their story through Instagram, and I knew I just had to meet the people behind such a good cause. 

Both teachers, Angie and Kyle have created a natural dog treat company called Finley's Barkery (named after their mini German Shepherd, Finley) that employs young adults with special needs. Currently, the staff consists of all their former students. How cool is that?!

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are designated baking days, where they operate out of a kitchen in Chanhassen. Hearing stories of how much fun they have at work makes me a little envious that I have a lonely job in terms of human interaction. If you don't believe me, check out their pics and videos on Instagram (@finleysbarkery) capturing the fun.

Though their employees have regular jobs during the day, they come into work energized and excited to bake. Not only do they bake, package, and sell the products, they also help with marketing and design needs, so they truly see the tangible outcome of what they've been working on. They LOVE seeing the results of their hard work, which they're often shown via social media.

The one and only time I attempted to make my own dog treats (see right below), it was a fail of epic proportions. Pretty sure the color was not supposed to resemble Carrot Top's hair, and the dough was so stiff that I couldn't use the dog bone cookie cutters I bought specifically for that purpose. Blobs that look less than appetizing were all I could muster from this baking catastrophe, unlike the perfectly shaped Finley's biscuits on the left. Major kudos to them!

My dog Butterscotch did a taste test of the peanut butter oatmeal treats, and he was a big fan (despite the derpy look on his face). Save 10% through this month when you order treats and use code DOGDAYS at checkout. Also if you spend $30, you get free shipping. It's recommended that treats be used within 4 weeks, but you can always toss extras in the freezer for maximum freshness!