May Day Party At The Freehouse

Still coming off a high from the May Day party that Sidewalk Dog threw this past weekend. I’ve been volunteering at their events for almost three years now, and it continues to get better with time. It’s such a wonderful organization and I LOVE that they unite the dog loving community in the Twin Cities.

For me personally, this event was extra special because I had a few clients stop by just to say hello. Thanks to Lisa, Adam, Isabelle (+ Isabelle’s grandparents), Dom, Bailey, Frank, and Dana (plus Bogart who was there in spirit). So fun to see you all in person and to get a chance to chat in a social setting!

ALSO, I had a chance to meet a couple Instagram followers aka new friends. After many months of social media likes and comments with Kimber and her adorable pup, Henry (@mellowhenryj), Jen from @monster_babies and I got to meet them in person! It was a pretty exciting moment and one that I will not soon forget. Dog people truly bond over their love of dogs (duh), and that instant connection is something special. Love this pic of the three four of us!

And then an unexpected surprise happened when I got to talking to Holly, and randomly learned that her beautiful Border Collie, Sophie is from @buddynsophie on Instagram. Everywhere I go, I think I see dogs I’m following on Instagram (and oftentimes I do).

Here are some pics I took at the event. So many furry friends!