Olson Wellness Expo

On Thursday, April 23rd, we participated in the Olson Wellness Expo. Olson is an advertising agency located in the North Loop. Each year, they host a wellness expo for their employees to promote healthy lifestyle options. (Side note: How cool is that?!) Olson believes pets are a great way to promote emotional wellbeing and physical activity – something we are obviously on board with!

Not only that, but on a more personal level, I’ll just say it felt very cool to represent the company I started a year ago in a more official capacity. Nothing better than meeting new people who share the animal loving connection.

Any guesses as to who accompanied me? Hint: She’s the same doggie who made her television debut on Twin Cities Live last fall.

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that Daisy was the talk of the Olson office last Thursday. How could she not be with all that adorableness packed into such a compact body?

While we may have had an unfair advantage over the other vendors, I think it’s safe to say Modern Dogs Daisy was the most popular booth at the event.

People were so curious to know more about her and several wondered where they could get their own Golden/Corgi mix (Daisy is a rescue from Secondhand Hounds). So yes, Daisy got another taste of mini stardom with employees in the form of paparazzi whipping out their phones to send pictures to family, friends and the like.

As the event started to wind down, a few girls came running up to Daisy and said with excitement, “Awwww! I heard there was a dog here!” As it turns out, one of the girls is Daisy’s neighbor and happens to live across the hall from her in the North Loop. It’s a small world after all. And dogs at work = huge morale booster.

Apparently I’ve been in the dog walking scene for far too long as I failed to communicate this message clearly.

I had so many people excited at the thought they could win a chance to walk someone’s dog for FREE. Just more proof as to how much people love dogs. I couldn’t believe how eager they were to do my job for me.

Thanks to Daisy for being so darn cute and demanding belly rubs from complete strangers (no shame).