Despite things being quiet on the blog front, one word continues to replay in my head (and apparently same goes for Nellie).

It’s quite possible I’ve said this once or twice already (surely this won’t be the last), but thank you from the bottom of my heart to every one of our clients. You have no idea how much you and your four-legged family members mean to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hold a special place in the lives of your loved ones.

Life is crazy and beautiful and chaotic. And there are times where I have to stop and ask myself if this is real.

When I started Modern Dogs, I was living in my parents’ basement with $40 to my name struggling to find my way in life. Now every day is filled with absolute joy, and that is all thanks to you and your pets coupled with L-O-V-E for what I do.

Each and every day, I am thanked profusely by clients. I just want them to know the feeling is mutual.

In fact, I tend to think of my clients and their families as my second family.

Best. Job. Ever.