Saying Goodbye to Kirby

With heaviest of hearts, we are sad to announce we’ve lost our very own dog, Kirby. We all have our time to go, and sadly, his time was now.

He was far from perfect, but I was happy to have my world revolve around him. Never has the house been quieter, or seemed so empty.

No daily barking at the mailman as he drops off the mail.

No clacking of toenails on the hardwood floors. Nail trims weren’t exactly his favorite.

No waking up every morning to a neck nuzzle and paw in the face as a reminder that breakfast takes precedence.

No one there to watch my every move, and follow me from room to room (even when I’ve left for a split second).

No one curled up on the bathroom floor after I get out of the shower (yes, he followed everywhere).

No one staring at me with shoestring drool every time I sit down to eat.

No one waiting in the window when I get home from work.

No one jumping up and down with excitement and knocking me over when I enter the house.

No one pleading with me to go on car rides every time he sees me change into anything other than sweatpants.

No one there to rest his head on my lap/computer/phone or whatever distraction could possibly interfere with him receiving attention.

Never has my heart seemed so empty. I know it will patch itself back up in time. But for now, it hurts.

Please hug all your pets for me today and hold them a little tighter. To all my clients – thank you for allowing me to care for your family members – they all mean so much to me!

If it weren’t for Kirby, Modern Dogs probably wouldn’t exist. For it wasn’t until I owned my first dog that I started to realize how much I didn’t want to be away from him.