Twin Cities Live: Doggie Fall Fashion Show

Last week was such a whirlwind of events, most notably for the television debut of one of our very own, Daisy the Golden/Corgi mix. I was invited by the amazing folks at Sidewalk Dog to be part of a doggie fashion show on Twin Cities Live.

From the moment we first arrived at TCL, Daisy and I were greeted with warm smiles from everyone we met including the front desk receptionist to the show’s hosts. Daisy couldn’t have been happier to meet so many new faces and to find herself at the center of attention! After meet and greets with everyone on set, we were escorted to the green room to hang out until show time.

We were the first ones there from the Sidewalk Dog gang, much to the displeasure of Daisy. I thought it was pretty neat that we got our own little room but Daisy couldn’t have cared less. She barely acknowledged my existence and insisted on standing beside the closed door, staring longingly and whining as she thought about all her new friends on the other side.

Apparently I was chopped liver in Daisy’s eyes, so I cracked the door open and let her do her thing. She was all about being in the spotlight after her first taste of stardom. We headed back to the set where Daisy made the rounds from crew member to crew member. If it were up to Daisy, the belly rubs and pampering never would have stopped! It was fun to see the reaction of all those in the room to having a dog in the studio. Talk about a boost in morale – everyone was ecstatic to see something cute and furry roaming around.

When it came time to strut her stuff, Daisy was a pro (after she figured out which way the camera was facing). She modeled the heck out of the argyle sweater she was wearing courtesy of Posh Pooch. It was pure coincidence that her sweater matched her flower collar and leash, but what a coordinated look for fall!

Modeling contracts have been pouring in since Daisy’s appearance on Twin Cities Live. However she’s not sure if the demanding schedule of being a full-time doggie model is the right move since it would drastically interfere with her nap schedule.

Check out the full video clip here: