Walk Happy

Walk happy is the tagline for Modern Dogs because it’s the essence of what we do.

         I love what I do.

         Dogs love what I do.

         Dog owners love what I do.

         Strangers on the street love what I do.

In a digital age where we have never been so connected before, how connected are we? We go months, maybe even years, without calling friends because we figure if it’s important enough, we’ll see it on Facebook.

Set down the phone and step away from the computer. Quit stalking your ex or checking to see how many likes your most recent status update has received. Take a moment to appreciate the here and now, and take time for what truly matters.

Turn to the dogs! Why? Dogs remind us to live in the moment.

On two separate occasions in the last week, I brought joy to random strangers by simply allowing them to pet the dogs I was walking. Albeit brief, I guarantee they weren’t thinking about the slew of incoming emails they would need to respond to after they returned from their lunch break. They were 100% present in that exact moment. And that’s a pretty rare feat when we’ve grown accustomed to living in an ADD environment where multi-tasking is a requirement.

After one woman finished saying hello to the dogs, she said, “Thank you. You made my day.” Clearly she meant the four-legged friends made her day, not me. But how can a comment like that not warm the coldest of cold hearts?

This is what it means to walk happy.