7 Things That Happen When You’re Obsessed With Dogs

7. Normally a focused and attentive person, you’ve been told many a time that you are a great listener. But when there’s a dog in the vicinity, you only have eyes for the furball in the room. And no, not the guy with the hairy back.

6. You miss the days when your Facebook feed was filled with puppies not babies. Back when your friends were still practicing for the real thing. All babies look the same, but you would never say the same about puppies!

5. You know more about different dog breeds than you do [ insert _______ ]. Mixed breeds are your favorite because they offer more of a challenge. When someone mentions a breed you’ve never heard of, Google can’t pull up fast enough.

4. Your dog has come between you and a significant other. Particularly if bedtime is the bone of contention (pun intended). Opposing views about dogs sleeping in beds? Can you say deal breaker?

3. You seriously contemplate leaving the house because it means saying goodbye to those sad puppy eyes. When your dog isn’t happy, you’re not happy. And vice versa.

2. Two words: bathroom buddies. Your loyal companion follows you everywhere.

1. You will never love another person as much as you love your dog. #doglady