Why Dogs?

I started Modern Dogs because I fall in love with every dog I meet. I fall fast and I fall hard and once we’ve met eyes, there’s no turning back.

Both fascinated and humbled by the genuine curiosity and loving nature that goes hand in hand with being a dog, I am a dog enthusiast through and through. Dogs force us to live in the present and with the way technology has changed our lives, this is a refreshing reminder to put our phones away and simply enjoy the company of loved ones (non-furry friends included).

Dogs are uninhibited; they are completely free to be themselves. A concept so simple yet so convoluted for the majority of people. As we grow up, we’re expected to act a certain way, to look a certain way, and to achieve certain milestones.

It wasn’t until I started thinking “outside the kennel” that I realized things didn’t add up in terms of how I was living my life versus the way I wanted to live my life. I’ve never dreamed of having the perfect wedding or family, but I wanted to find purpose and meaning in my life (first and foremost). Dogs have been part of my life from the very beginning so the answer was quite simple, really.

Dogs are celebrated for being dogs, uniqueness and all, and my hope is that people will learn to do the same for themselves and for others. Dogs are happy creatures. Therefore dogs make others happy. People who are happy spread joy and happiness to other people.

Think like a dog: Be brave. Be bold. Take risks.