Pet Photography Exhibition @ Brunsfield North Loop

Back in September, I was invited to be part of a very unique project with Brunsfield North Loop. Brunsfield teamed up with 2nd Truth Photography to capture some amazing photos of all the pets in the building. Several of my clients are residents here, so naturally I was happy to lend a helping hand with “escorting” dogs to/from their homes on picture day.

Prints of each pet were framed beautifully (courtesy of The Lab Digital) and hung in the lobby. Furry Portraits: Captivated Moments will be on display for the next 6 months.

Brunsfield made it a special occasion when it came time to unveil the grand opening of the pet exhibition, complete with wine and appetizers. Brown paper covered all the portraits until it was time to reveal the “family of pets,” wall by wall. It was suspenseful in a good way, and it was so much fun to celebrate all the pets for their individual quirks and personalities.

The end result was priceless. (To view sharper, non-crooked images and a thorough write-up, check out the Brunsfield blog.)