Choked Up

Several nights ago, I had this vivid dream where I found myself choking on whole cucumber slices that got lodged in the back of my throat. When a friend asked if I was okay, I shrugged her off. Rather than admit to needing help, I chose to shove my hand down my throat until I managed to pry out the deadly green slices.

Though I escaped unscathed in my dream (however unrealistic it may be), it didn’t settle well with me.

Symbolism in the form of biting off more than I could chew was literally killing me.

In school, I was one of those people who hated group projects. I would have preferred to do the work myself so I knew it would get done and I knew it would be done according to my standards. I guess that makes me sound like a control freak, which I swear I’m not, but it is difficult for me to rely on others.

This overwhelming fear has been holding me back from growing my business and expanding my team. Up until this point, it’s been me, myself and I. And as much as I would love to personally take on as many clients as I possibly can, I can only be in so many places at once.

I’m at a point where I need to hire help with new clients. While this is a terrific problem to have, and it’s what I’ve been striving toward, my biggest obstacle is myself. I need to embrace change, and trust that it will all work out.

Knowing how much faith and trust my clients put in me to care for their family members means everything to me. It goes without saying that I need the same level of trust for those who work with me.

I have loved every second of this journey, but the unknown is scary; I know that better than almost anyone. I’ve learned to believe in myself…now I just need to apply that same trust in others.

More to come on this exciting new step!