TGIM. Yes, that stands for “Thank God it’s Monday.”

It’s November 10th and we’re expecting up to a foot of snow. Sure, I have to go out and deal with all the Minnesota drivers who forgot how to drive in the last 7 months.

But the fact that I do work that warms my heart is always top of mind.

Since I left corporate America and started this journey, I have yet to encounter a bad day. The days just keep getting better and better, and every which way I look, I see possibilities for growth and learning opportunities. Connecting with new people, whether clients or animal lovers on the street, is a breeding ground for inspiration. Every exchange, interaction and point of communication has the potential to spark an idea or to manifest itself in some bigger way.

So yes, I am grateful that I no longer experience the Sunday evening dread in the pit of my stomach or wake up with a case of the Mondays. For every day is a gift.